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Next Level Dentistry 

We are the pioneers for total health and wellness

Dentist have long been aware of the importance of the mouth and it's relationship to the total health and wellness of your body.  The mouth is the gateway for most if not all of the nutrients needed for our bodies to function and survive.  A healthy mouth equates to a healthy body.  Science has just recently linked the health of your mouth to the health of your vital organs.  If there is infection within your mouth, there is good chance one of your vital organs will be affected.  For example, gum disease has been linked to heart disease, strokes, diabetes, some cancers and preterm, low weight births.  Gum disease increases your risk to these conditions.

To achieve a healthy mouth (therefore a healthy body), we have established the Healthy Mouth Baseline.  The Healthy Mouth Baseline is our Standard of Care that you should expect to receive each time you visit our office. 

You will find the "Healthy Mouth Baseline" and the "Mouth-Body Connection" in all areas of our office.  We encourage you to ask questions about the mouth-body connections.

If you desire total health and wellness, we invite you to become a part of our patient family.  Experience why we are different.  This is Next Level Dentistry.

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