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February 13, 2012,  Los Angeles Times article by James S. Fell...

There's hope for dumbbells yet…dumbbells.jpg


A growing body of evidence shows that regular exercise, be it resistance training or aerobic, helps wards off a host of cognitive impairments and enhances the brainpower all life long. Read how Dumbbells make you brainy

  January 30, 2012, Los Angeles Times Article by Marta Zarasha...

Birth of a notion

Synopsis: The month you were born may be associated with characteristics such as longevity, temperament and susceptibility to certain diseases.

 January 16, 2012, Los Angeles Times Article, by Lisa Zamosky...

"The New Deal with Lipitor"

Synopsis: The most prescribed name-brand drug to control cholesterol is available at prices at or below the generic brands.  Is the generic version (atorvastatin) the same or different than Lipitor?  Read why by clicking on the link. 

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