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My Dedication to My Team

There are times we do not give enough credit and praise to those who have helped us become who we are.  I would like to acknowledge my Wonderful and Fantabulous Team by dedicating this page to them!  I would like to share with you my appreciation of these special ladies, who are contributing to our success, who work closely with me and who place their trust me.  They are dedicated to helping others and who truly care about our patient's dental and total health.  

Peggy JoGWDLee_2011_12_09_1725_second_copy.jpg

Registered Dental Hygienist.  Peggy officially inherited me in March 1988.  I am very fortunate she had faith in me to stay with the office when Dr. Don Tweedie retired.  Over the years, we have shared many experiences: my wedding, the birth of my boys, over-night continuing education courses for hygiene and practice management, a trip to Yosemite and back in 36 hours, sports with her boys and their graduations.  Peggy is extremely creative, warm hearted, enthusiastic, responsible, dependable, extremely intuitive about people and concerned for their feelings.  I look forward to the day she begins her own business that will showcase her creative talents for fund raising, event planning and centerpiece arrangements.  Of her many wonderful traits, I appreciate most her compassion for others.  Thank you.


Registered Dental Assistant. Full Time.  The last words David hears from Mayra as she leaves for the office are: “I’m off to vacation honey…”  Mayra is an excellent assistant with a wealth of experience.  She has experience in general dentistry, oral surgery and limited orthodontics. Mayra is usually one step ahead of me.  She anticipates well the patient needs as well as mine during procedures.  What I admire about Mayra is her ability to stay calm and collected during any given procedure.  Nothing seems to frazzle her.  She has an infectious smile.


June 19, 2012 was Elizabeth's first day as an official team member.  Prior to June 19, 2012, Elizabeth was at our office completing her internship as part of her requirements for dental assisting school.  We fell in love with Elizabeth.  She is quick to learn and comfortable with computers as well as assisting.  She allowed me to be her patient, placing dental sealants on my teeth!  You will find Elizabeth working side by side with Sherry.  Her smile is the first you will see when you enter into our office.  She is the Appointment Coordinator.  Please welcome Elizabeth to our team at your next visit to our office.


Sherry is the newest team member to join my office.  Sherry brings 30 years of dental experience and knowledge to her position of treatment/financial coordinator.  She began her career in dentistry as a registered dental assistant.  She advanced her career by moving from assisting to the business office.  She has two daughters and a wonderful husband who makes us chocolate chip cookies and cupcakes.  I am thankful to Sherry for her positive attitude, her dedication to her responsibilities within my office, her compassion and her competitiveness.  She has taught me that the volume can be turned higher in the car while singing along with a favorite tune to help with those “high notes.”  Thank you!


Registered Dental Hygienist, (Fridays only.)  Jaytee came to our office by referral from Dr. Roy Yanase, one of my mentors.  Jaytee is hard working, friendly, dependable, quiet, kind and conscientious.  She is one of our "younger" team members tolerating me for over 5 years.  I appreciate her openness in communication with me.  Thank you. 

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